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Smart Home Automation Systems for New Jersey Residents. Advice From Jersey City's Integrator.

RTI Home Automation System
RTI Automation System

Tackling a home automation project is a tedious task with all the various technology components that need to work seamlessly together. Elite System America in Jersey City provides advice on how to approach your smart home automation project the right way. They stress four major topics to consider, One: Know your budget, Two: Have an enterprise level Home network in place, Three: Know what rooms you want to control and Lastly: pick the automation system that fits your budget and style.

Budget is Important

A Home Automation Project can start at 5k with the simplest system and increase depending on the size of the home and level of automation. You will need to figure out how much your home you will automate. Some individuals simply automate common areas like family rooms, kitchens and master bedrooms with audio/video and security features but others do more rooms which will eventually add up. Giving your home automation professional a budget will give him or her a better idea on what system to implement and how many rooms you can cover. They can usually be able to come up with a system within your budget and ensure the system is robust.

Making sure your Home Network Infrastructure & Wifi can handle the Tech.

A robust home network is essential in making sure that all your home technology components will work seamlessly and without issue. Standard consumer grade routers and access points are not designed to handle large amounts of internet traffic. Having an Enterprise level router and access points will ensure better communication between wired and wireless devices throughout the home. If you are trying to install a home automation system with your existing home network setup, be prepared for slow connections, dropouts and automation components working unreliably. A proper home network will improve the functionality of your home automation system and increase reliability and safety.

Know Which Rooms And What You Want To Control

Figuring out which rooms you want to control and how many zones of audio and video you will have, will help you determine the level and size of your automation system. For example, ask yourself where you will be watching TV?, Where you will be listening to music? And where will you be turning on and off the lights? That will give you a sense on what you need from you system. You will need to come up with a general idea of how you want your home automated as well. Do you want all the lights in the home to be controlled by the Ipad? Do you want to be able to watch Tv in the living room, but have music playing from the in-ceiling speakers at the same time? You will have to come up with a thought process, but by hiring a home automation professional, you can ensure yourself that they thought of everything.

Choosing a Automation System

There are various types of Home Automation Systems to choose from, and it all depends on your budget and style (similar to choosing between Android and iPhone, their functionality are still the same but price, design and layout are different). Some of the major brands like Savant, RTI, Crestron and Control 4 all provide similar automation control over your home. But prices vary due to their level of R&D and overall user interface design. A home automation integrator in New Jersey can help you choose which system may be right for you and most systems can only be obtained through a certified dealer or installer. So it is best first to visit the websites of the automation systems mentioned above then contact your local home technology expert to get the right system installed in your home.

If you are need of a Home Automation Professional, contact Elite Systems America. Elite Systems America has been integrating homes with smart home automation technology services throughout New Jersey.


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Ricardo Timithy
Ricardo Timithy
Nov 10, 2023

Mobile Locksmith San Francisco company did an excellent job installing a smart automation lock at my residence. They were prompt, and efficient, and took the time to explain how the new system works. I feel much more secure knowing that I can monitor and control my door locks from anywhere.

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