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Hillsborough & Montgomery, New Jersey Smart Homes

 Customized Smart Home Services For Hillsborough And Montgomery Neighborhoods 

The suburbs of New Jersey are filled with single-family homes that are best suited for smart home technology. A connected home will allow your family to enjoy technology like never before with Elite Systems America products and services that work right the first time. Makes sure your Hillsborough & Montgomery township home is a modern home that fits your family and lifestyle needs.

The best internet wireless signal throughout your home

Using the internet is the most important part of your families daily routine. Doing homework, paying online bills, streaming movie and music all require a Wi-Fi internet connection. Your internet service provider does not take in account for your lifestyle, but Elite System America does. We will make sure your wireless home network is reliable, fast and secure so you will never have to wait for your favorite movies to buffer. The Best smart home network requires the fastest internet connection, and we are here to make sure your internet delivers.

A smart speaker system for the family

Everyone in the family loves music, so why not implement a smart audio system that lets each family member hear whatever they want. A multi-room audio system will allow each room in the house to have its own music streamer, so every family member can have a room to themselves and listen to their favorite tunes. The audio system can be either wired or wireless. Therefore you can have a smart audio system without making unnecessary holes in the wall. A smart audio system is a perfect solution to host family parties because music brings everyone together. 

Smart Lighting automation

Why have so many light switches when your smart phone in your pocket can control it all. A smart lighting home automation system will take all the lights in your home and create an intuitive interface were you can turn on and off the lights, set schedules and change the colors with a touch of a button. No more will you accidentally leave the lights on because the smart lighting system will automatically turn it off for you. An intuitive lighting system is a remote control for your lights that will save you energy and create the right ambiance in your home whenever you need it. 

Keeping your home secure

Be able to watch your home and family in real time with a smart surveillance system. Keeping your family safe starts with multiple security cameras that designed to detect and report unusual activity. Implementing a smart door bell for your Somerset County home will allow you to see anyone who you were expecting and not expecting from the safety of your smart phone.  A surveillance system will monitor your home  24/7 so you don't have too. 

Somerset County Neighborhood Smart Home Installer

Elite Systems America will transform your Hillsborough or Montgomery home into a modern home with smart home products and solutions catered to your lifestyle.

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