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Accountant IT Support Services

 Advanced Computer & IT Support Services for Accountants in New Jersey & New York City

Technology has become an important aspect of an Accounting firm's ability to stay ahead in the market as well as provide the best services for their clients. We understand if you are an individual CPA or of a part large firm, the IT needs are still the same. Accountants need a reliable computer, software, and place to store their data safely. Elite Systems America in New Jersey provides accountants the IT Support services to ensure their necessary technology needs are met and continue to evolve to meet new security and compliance standards. We offer customized IT services to meet the budgets and size of any firm. Learn more below about our unique services for Accountants.

24/7 Desktop & Mobile Device Support Services

An accounting firm needs to have reliable technology to help them perform their jobs efficiently. We understand that Desktops, Laptops, and Mobile devices are very important for a firm. Therefore, we created a help desk system designed for any accounting firm in need of a team to handle all their computer troubles. If you faced with a computer issue, whether you are at the office or client site, our 24/7 Support team can respond promptly and help resolve any issue. If there is a severe problem with a computer, our experienced technicians can meet onsite and perform a repair without you needing to leave the office. Our 24/7 Support Services gives you peace of mind knowing theirs a qualified team by your side to solve your computer troubles.

Cloud & Server Support Services

If you are interested in moving your firm's data and applications to the cloud, we have an experienced team ready to support you through every part of the migration. We cater to various cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services, as well as Microsoft Azure. If you already have an existing cloud database or physical server, we can provide maintenance services to ensure your data is always safe and retrievable. We understand accounting firms handle sensitive data, and we help you ensure you are meeting every security and compliance regulation to keep your client's data safe.

Accounting & Financial Applications Support Services

Elite Systems America Support various Accounting & Financial applications, such as Intuit Quickbooks, Pro Series, Peachtree, CCH, Caseware, PPC, and many more. We understand these applications are important to a firms core business, therefore we bring our expertise and knowledge of the various softwares to provide quick technical support as well as help you keep all your important data safe.

Cyber Security & Disaster Recovery

Protecting client data has become very important in today's business environments because of known ransomware and other cyber attacks. Our Cyber Security services are designed to mitigate the risks of a cyber attack and help prevent client data from being stolen. We help implement best practices, policies, and procedures into a firm's structure and train employees on how to react to a Cyber Security event. We deploy both hardware and software solutions that are designed to protect individual end-points, the network, and provide a method to retrieve data in event of a disaster.

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