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Microsoft Intune For SMBs in New Jersey

Microsoft Intune is a modern device management system designed to provide security and control over organizational information or data with the help of the Cloud. It is the modern approach to mobile device management and effective solution for most businesses with Laptops and BYOD devices. The stand out feature of Intune is its ability to work together with existing on-premises servers with active directory. Therefore, your existing equipment can be modernized with little expense.

What makes Microsoft Intunes great for Medium size businesses is its Autopilot feature. Intunes Autopilot allows in- house IT admins or Outsourced IT Admins provision computers with polices and configurations without ever physically touching the computer. For example, if Smith Company hired a new employee, and a new laptop is needed. The IT admins can send out provision details to a computer vendor like Dell, and Dell will receive provisioning configuration via intune over the cloud. So when the new employees receive his or her computer in the mail. The employee log-ins with their credentials, and automatically, all the applications, policies, and security features began to download immediately. Intune eliminates the added cost and time associated with computer provisioning within an organization.

The best of all, you can manage Windows, macOS, Ios, Android devices all through a single endpoint management dashboard, allowing you to keep track of all your assets and provide robust security.



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