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5 Ways To Work From Home: For Small To Medium Size Businesses In New Jersey & NYC

Are you able to work from home? Are you able to securely access all your work files from the office server? With current events affecting the world's businesses, reliable technology solutions are needed to maintain business continuity for extended periods of time. In this blog, I will talk about how 5 Modern IT Tools that can help small or medium-sized business succeed in a work from home environment.

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Access – A VPN connection provides an encrypted link between your home computer and your office network. If you need access to your office data on a server, this would be the quickest and cost-effective way to work from home. Though it is advised when using a VPN to have a computer with appropriate cybersecurity software in place. VPN connections should also have additional security policies, for example, using accounts integrated with existing domain infrastructure for authentication.

  2. Remote Desktop Gateway –Remote Desktop is a standard feature in Windows Professional, allowing users to log in to their office desktop securely with the use of SSL certificates. Users need to enable the feature in their windows system settings, set a password, and know the computer name or IP-Address of the computer they want to use remotely. It is recommended to use a VPN connection in conjunction with Remote Desktop to have a secure line to your office desktop. A Remote Desktop Gateway can also be installed on a dedicated server, but extra security measures would be needed. For example, port limiting and security group policies.

  3. Windows Virtual Desktop - Virtualization creates a virtual computer on a server or on the cloud allowing users to fully access a work PC from any local machine via the web. Therefore, reducing the cost of purchasing physical PCs and providing a secure, centralized management solution. Having virtualization will allow business owners to create desktops on as needed bases and have all their programs ready to be used by their employees within a few hours.

  4. 3rd Party Products – Today, there are many products available that will enable a user to work remotely via the web (i.e., GoToMyPC, AnyDesk, Logmein). These solutions instantly let you work on your files, applications, and programs as if you were at your desk. It may be costly if you have more than one user who needs access due to their monthly fees. However, if you are a sole proprietor this may be the quickest and cost effective solution for your needs.

  5. ESA Connect – Is a new service we provide to all our clients allowing them to access their office desktop from anywhere in the world. Providing an easy and user-friendly solution to work from home. Contact Us about ESA Connect for your New Jersey & NYC Business.

If you are in need of a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan our IT Engineers are ready to assist for all your Business IT Needs. Contact Us Today


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