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Smart Garage Door For New Jersey Residents: myQ

Did you forget to close the garage door? Thats one question you won't be asking again with a Smart Garage Door from Chamberlain called myQ. Why having good Wi-fi Coverage is important. Amazon & Home Kit Integration is a Neat Feature.

smart garage door
A Smart Garage Looks Simple On The Outside, But Smart On Inside

How Does It Work

The myQ Smart Garage Door System works with a Hub and Sensor combo that communicates wirelessly to your smartphone application. It is compatible with most existing garage doors motor systems and the myQ app makes it easy to see if your garage door is compatible with a compatibility checker. With a the MyQ smartphone app you can open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world, and it will alert you when it was opened and closed by someone else.

How Much Does It Cost

The myQ System retails for $79.99, which includes the hub and one sensor. If you have more than one garage door, you will need additional sensors (one for each door). Each Sensor is $49.99. Most homes in New Jersey have either 2 to 3 garage doors. Therefore, you will be paying closing to $130 to $180 for the garage system.

Is It Easy To Install

It is a fairly easy system to install if you have the proper equipment and Wi-Fi coverage. You will need a ladder to put the myQ hub on the ceiling for optimal operation and need adequate knowledge of how your existing garage system is set up. Expert installation is available and recommended by Elite Systems America due to the requirement of having good Wi-Fi Coverage in the garage. If Wi-Fi coverage is poor, the system will have trouble working and communicating with your phone and network. You will first need to test your network if its capable of supporting additional devices and secondly, make sure there is optimal coverage in your garage (enough to stream a video with little no buffering) before installation.


The myQ system is compatible with Nest, Homekit, Wink and Google assistant making it easy to view your front door locks, cameras, garage door system all in one application. Amazon recently announced a partnership with myQ to bring Amazon Prime Deliveries straight into your garage. You will be able to set authorization for Amazon Delivery employee to put your package in the garage for added convenience and safety away from porch pirates.

Contact, New Jersey's Elite System America for Expert Smart Home Installation.



Nathan Blackburn
Nathan Blackburn
Dec 23, 2023

I had my smart garage door lock installed by Locksmith Myrtle Beach company, and I am happy with the outcome. The technicians were not only skilled but also took the time to walk me through the features of the smart lock. The installation was quick, and the results were fantastic.


Jan 24, 2022

I took help from a locksmith to know about its working and now i can operate it easily.

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