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Smart Office Services

Office Automation

Office Automation Systems make it easier for a businesses to streamline operations and create a overall smarter workplace. We employ scalable and reliable technologies that are designed to increase workflow and improve productivity throughout your office. Control every aspect of your office through a intuitive system that lets you monitor and control critical technology.

Solutions: RTI Automation, Crestron

Enterprise Wifi & Networking

We consider a Enterprise business network as a utility. It has become a important aspect of a office space as it essential for both employees and clients to use. We design, implement and maintain a enterprise level network that is robust, scalable and reliable to meet the demands of internet traffic and wired/wifi devices today. Our networking products and solutions keep your business operating at the fastest internet speeds with critical security in place.

Solutions: Enterprise Cisco Networks, Enterprise Ubiquiti Networks, Enterprise Ruckus Wireless

Conference Rooms

A conference room is a important presentation room that needs to be up to date to impress clients ​and to deliver your companies message. We implement cutting edge presentation systems that are secure and easy to use to ensures that all your attendees can hear and see your presentation clearly. 

Solutions: Polycom, Cisco

Employee Management & Monitoring Systems

An office Management and Monitoring systems allows a businesses to track employee activities and monitor their tasks throughout the office's network. Businesses can use employee management and monitoring systems to evaluate productivity, track attendance and protect business intellectual property. Contact us for more information about employee management & monitoring systems.


Integrated Security & Surveillance 

Securing and monitoring your office is essential part of protecting your employees and physical property. We offer integrated office surveillance systems, smart door locks, access control systems and office cyber/network security services to keep your business safe. All components seamlessly communicate, monitor, prevent and report any intrusion or attempted intrusion for any aspect of your office. Contact us about our security solutions

Structured Telecommunication Wiring

Keep all your cables and wiring organized with a structured wiring system. Have a single source location to maintain and repair office telecommunication systems for your office. Provides a easy access for maintenance crews to help maintain and upgrade system with ease.

Solutions: Structured Wiring Panel, Ethernet/Telephone Wiring

Lighting Control

Automate and Integrate your office lighting to your business operations. Lighting Control systems will allow you to change lighting around the office via smartphone or by a custom automated program. Change intensity or colors to your mood, time of day, occasion and for a particular room like a conference room. Custom lightening control can be linked to integrated Security systems to turn on the lights when activity is detected around your office. Smart Office Lighting Systems are 100% powered by Ethernet Cable that emit Led light. Therefore, eliminating the need for costly electrical work. Possibilities are endless with lighting control scalability throughout your office.

Solutions: Ubiquiti Lighting, Cisco Lighting

Climate Control

Smart Climate Control Systems will keep your office comfortable all the time and help you save money on energy bills. Smart Climate Control Systems intelligently program and continuously monitor temperature settings to real-time weather and activity in the office. Intelligent Temperature schedules are created for office and business hours to create a efficient office heat and cooling system. Always have control of your home heat and cooling via a smartphone and monitor your energy usage with integrated app.

Solution: Nest

Motorized Shades

Control the sunlight coming into your office and save money on the electric bill by using motorized shades. Motorized shades are automated to open and close with a touch of a button.

Solution: Lutron

Phone Systems

Modern IP Controlled phone systems will keep all your employees communicating efficiently. IP Phone systems integrate into PBX System for intelligent greeting announcements.

Solution: Cisco



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