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Somerset County Homeowners Call Elite Systems America for a Home Network Boost.

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Elite Systems America service the homes of Hillsborough and Montgomery, New Jersey to increase their wifi signal and network speed.

A robust home network is important for today's modern lifestyle

The Home Network has become the most important part of a modern home. Elite Systems America categorize a home network as a utility. Therefore, it must operate to the highest efficiency to provide great benefit and value every time. When your home network is constantly slow, and you realize you are not getting the advertised speeds by your Internet Service Provider, it is important to question the issue.

Elite Systems America was contacted by homeowners living in Hillsborough and Montgomery, New Jersey regarding their poor wifi signal and slow internet speeds. They were concerned with the value of service provided by their ISP and their inability to fix the many issues with their internet. Elite Systems America investigated and discovered in all cases the symptoms and issues were similar. 1) The provided hardware was not able to meet customer demands and requirements. 2) The network was improperly designed and configured for the size and lifestyle of the family.

"The provided hardware was not able to meet customer demands and requirements"

Sometimes equipment provided by the ISP and equipment purchased at a local electronics store is not sufficient for the size and construction of a home. Homes greater than 3,000 sq. ft require more systematic approach for robust wifi and internet speed. Home construction material like dense plaster walls or concrete walls hinders the ability for a wifi signal to travel to all areas of a home. ISP's do not consider these issues when installing your home network nor do they take account for how many wireless devices are in your home. Therefore, It is important to consult a home network specialist to ensure your network is optimized for your home and lifestyle.


With an understanding of the problems the homeowners were facing with their network, Elite Systems America deployed their standardized system of products and solutions to improve internet speed and wifi signal. Below we will briefly go over the different solutions we implemented and the benefits it gave to the homeowners of Somerset County.


Advance Gigabit Router

The Advance Gigabit Router is the gateway to the internet and handles all the network traffic for all the devices in your home. It gives each device in your home a secure and fast connection to the web. For the homeowners, this was essential since it allows all the devices on the network to achieve the speeds provided by the ISP.

Network Switches

A Network Switch allows you to distribute multiple hardwire connections to multiple non-wireless devices. It will enable your devices to have a physical network connection. The homeowners were able to utilize this solution for their home theater system and smart home technology. For devices that will continuously use heavy network traffic, we recommend a network switch that can provide a reliable, fast connection.

Wireless Access Points

The deployment of wireless access points at various parts of the house allows you to ensure you will have a reliable and fast wifi signal throughout your home and property. It creates a wireless connection between your router and your device. This allowed homeowners to watch 4k video on their smartphones without any buffering in any area of the home and property. It is crucial to situate these access points at critical locations were multiple wireless devices will be used.

ConfigurationThe best Routers, Switches and Access points should also be complemented with proper configuration and maintenance to ensure Network Components will operate to their fullest potential. When you configure a home network, you are telling the components of the network how to communicate with each other to achieve the best network performance and friendly communication with your internet-enabled devices.

To make sure your home network is robust and reliable don't hesitate to contact the team at Elite Systems America to make sure your internet is fast and reliable for all your devices throughout your home.

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