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Nest Thermostats are now a common smart home feature implemented by property developers

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Smart thermostats are becoming popular among property developers because of their ease of use and features.

Smart Thermostats are the new craze among property developers because of the ease of use and functionality of Smart Thermostats. The most popular Thermostat is the Nest Thermostat and System Integrators at Elite System America have been installing them in almost every space.

“Our clients love the ease of use and functionality of the thermostat. The Thermostat learns your own habits and average temperature settings so you never have to adjust the temperature. It does it itself.” - Elite Systems America

Why Property Developers Want Nest Thermostats?

The housing market has been becoming very competitive over the years and property developers are resorting to smart home technology like the Nest Thermostats to create uniqueness and provide premium amenities for their properties. It is a inexpensive way to create a premium smart home space which also saves you money on your energy bills. Developers love the feature of lowering the heat or lowering the A/C remotely when properties are not sold and unoccupied. When it becomes time to show the space, the A/C can be turned on remotely or when movement is present. It is a helpful feature when properties stay unsold and unoccupied for long periods of time. Developers see that has a important feature as the cost of holding properties gets expensive and buyers are seeking more smart home features from new homes.



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