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Jersey City & New York Metropolitan Area Businesses Smart Office Technology

A Smart Office is a connected space that utilizes cost effective technology to automate business and office system processes that improves efficiency in the workplace. If you are in the New York City Metro area, this is a guide to showcase what smart office solutions and products are available for your business. We have listed 3 of the most popular smart technology systems businesses are using today.

1. Smart Office Lighting

Old fluorescent tube lights is the thing of the past with new led panels making there way into offices. The new led panels are far from your basic led light. The New Smart Office Lighting system is designed for efficiency and convenience and it completely Network Manageable. Meaning, every led panel is powered by an Ethernet cable (PoE+) and it is centrally managed by your Office Network. These panels can be installed within existing drop ceiling by a trained IT/Network technician, eliminating expensive high voltage electrical costs. Elite Systems America has been one of the first companies to implement smart lighting solutions into offices and business. Business owners are impressed with the energy efficiency and controllability of multiple lighting zones with a smartphone or office automation system.

2. Smart Office Security

Smart office security systems are made up security cameras and access control systems that have artificial intelligence installed within them. A smart security camera can monitor and recognize office employees and send out alerts when it detects a person that is not authorized to be at business. This makes it great for New York City Metro area offices with many employees that do not have security personal onsite or have a strong internal control polices. The access control system works together with the cameras to create a robust office security system. Access Control allows you to give each employee an RFID card that lets you monitor when employees entered the building as well as put restriction on employees from entering certain rooms like the IT room.

3. Digital Workplace

Office meetings rooms, collaboration rooms, and huddle spaces are a very important part of a office environment. It is the place were idea generation, and collaboration brings concepts to reality. Implementing BYOD friendly rooms allows employees to work more efficiently with their own devices. You don't have to waste time finding cables and figuring out how office devices work. Individuals rooms can be designed with digital interactive boards and digital conference systems. Allowing for meetings to be more interactive, engaging and technology friendly so employees can easily send their presentation from their device to the interactive board room monitor. Co-working spaces and individual private offices in Jersey City and the surrounding Tri-State area will benefit with digital workplaces because users from around the globe can collaborative seamlessly as they were working face to face.

Smart Office Technology is part of productivity enhancements that improve a workplace environment. Businesses should consider implementing smart office features into their workplaces because of the added benefits and overall office efficiency.



Ricardo Timithy
Ricardo Timithy

Impressed with the level of service from Mobile Locksmith company! The office security installation was seamless, and the team was highly skilled. They took the time to explain the features of the system and provided valuable insights on maintaining security.

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