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Jersey City Home Retrofitted with Smart Home Technology.

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Any home can be a smart home. And we will go over certain features in a recent project that will be perfect for your home and lifestyle.

Smart Home Technology can blend into any home

Jersey City, New Jersey is a perfect example of a city filled with older style homes that can be easily retrofitted into modern smart homes. Elite Systems America recently got the opportunity to implement smart homes features in a home in the heights section of Jersey City. The client wanted all the tech features of a multi-million dollar home but at a fraction of the cost. We did not hesitate with this request because today the cost of most smart homes products are starting to come down due to competition. We understand cost is the main reason why many people are reluctant to get certain smart features in their home and for that purpose we designed a standardized product line that is affordable, smart and reliable.


Jersey City Smart Home features:

Whole Home Audio: The homeowners did not want to make holes in the wall and repaint their house. Therefore, we resorted to a cost-effective yet premium solution called Sonos. Sonos does not require any additional wiring other than an accessible power outlet. Since power outlets were sufficient for the application, the Sonos System blended seamlessly with the interior of the home. It provides excellent sound quality and allows you play your favorite music from smartphone.

Smart Thermostat: The Nest Smart Thermostats allows the homeowner to control the temperature of the home wherever he or she goes. The Homeowners were frequent travelers. So the Smart Thermostat would be perfect for reducing energy bills and keep their home at a comfortable temperature whenever they are home.

Video Door Bell: After getting their mail packages stolen. The Homeowners advised us that they wanted a deterrent solution and a way to watch the front door and mailbox. The Nest Hello doorbell was best for this application. The main reason was for its Artificial Intelligence. It can recognize people at the door by remembering his or her face and alerting you about the person on your phone. Within a week the Smart Door Bell was able to recognize the local Mailman every day.

Automated Lighting: The home contained recessed lights and floor lamps throughout. Therefore, we implemented a Lutron Lighting Control system without changing or replacing any fixtures. The homeowner can control the lights when he or she is away and set timers and presets to turn on the lights during sundown or special occasions with a touch of a button.

Single Point of Control: All the smart home features were controlled through a single app. All aspects were integrated so the homeowner did not need to fidget around multiple control panels and remote controls.


Living in an old home in the city does not mean you can't make your home a smart home. Smart homes can be any home as long as you got the right experts that know technology in and out. At Elite Systems America, our goal is to retrofit every home into a smart home. We understand the cost and our customer's constraints. And will strive to work with your budget to deliver the best in Smart Home Technology.


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Ricardo Timithy
Ricardo Timithy
2023년 11월 21일

The team at Locksmith Olympia company did a fantastic job with our smart security installation. They were thorough in explaining the different features of the system and ensured we were comfortable using it. The attention to detail during the installation process was evident.

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