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IT Support Management Services

Managed IT Services

The Managed IT Services team from Elite Systems America manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of IT Support services for your small to medium size business. We proactively or as a managed service provider help you determine what services you need for your business to remain operational and efficient in today's technology environments. 

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Desktop Support

All businesses use desktops to conduct their day to day activities. Sometimes desktops don't always act as they are supposed too. They breakdown, crash, showcase errors and get slow. We will help you diagnose the problems with your computer and repair it for you. In order to prevent future issues involving your computer, we provide maintenance plans that save you time and money. Our team will provide 24/7 support and conduct routine maintenance so your computer will work as it supposed too.

Network Support & Security 

The Network is the most important part of information technology infrastructure of any business. It needs to be running flawlessly and at the highest speeds. Our Network Engineers will oversee your entire network to ensure it is always operational and providing the highest security for your business. We will make sure your network security is set to comply with current professional standards set by The U.S Government like HIPPA and professional organizations like the AICPA, ABA, AFP, and More. We will perform Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, System and Network hardening and implementation of security policies. With our Network Maintenance & Support plans, we monitor the health of your network and make sure it is efficient and secure all the time.  If you are a business owner in the New Jersey & New York Area, Network Support & Security Services are available to you.

Mobile Device Management & Security (MDM)

Mobile Device Management & Security is essential in today's "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) environments. BYOD environments open the opportunities for security threats and unique technical issues. Elite System America's Mobile Device Management services will offer you monitoring and support for all of your mobile devices. We will ensure all devices are secure and compatible with your changing business environment. Our MDM support team will be available to assist you with any mobile devices such as Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows.

Email Services & Encryption

Email is a very important part of conducting business. It is sometimes your main sources of communication between you and your clients. It is a vital communication system that needs to be secure, reliable and accessible from anywhere in the world. We assist you in finding the right email service provider for your business as well as support you with any technical difficulties regarding the service. Our email application support team will also implement encryption for secure data transfer to comply with professional standards. Contact the team at Elite Systems America to make sure your email service is operational and secure.  

Hosted Phone & PBX Systems

Hosted Phone Systems are perfect for any size business that is in need for an economical, reliable and scalable voice over IP system. They can be configured with a PBX system to allow for a virtual assistant to answer and direct your calls. It can also be programmed to work via your smartphone. Jersey City's Elite Systems America is your business hosted phone system expert, and we are here to ensure your phone is always working and up to date with the lasted innovations.

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow you to collaborate with employees around the world and store data in a securely encrypted space. Clouding Computing improves business processes by providing a shared space to edit and showcase documents and creates the ability to manage your entire business via the internet eliminating the need for physical hardware. Our Cloud Services team will help you achieve and maintain your cloud computing services to ensure it is always working at your business pace. 

Business Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Protecting your business from a disaster is very important. Your entire business may sometimes rely on a computer or a server. That's why it is best to have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan in place before unfortunate circumstances arise. Our IT Support team will create a system to back up your data into another server or remote off-site storage (cloud) and create virtualizations of failed servers. We help you manage and monitor your data, but if a failure occurs you can count on us to get your business back in running a short amount of time.

IT Project Management & Consulting

Have an IT challenge that needs facilitating. We have your back. With the help of our Managed Services and IT Support team in Jersey City, New Jersey, you can count on us to plan, procure, implement, and manage your entire IT project from start to finish to ensure its done right the first time.

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