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Edison, New Jersey Smart Homes

 Customized Smart Home Services For Edison, NJ Neighborhood 

Elite Systems America provides audio/video & technology services to New Jersey's largest growing township: Edison, New Jersey occupied by townhomes, apartments and single-family homes with families. Homes throughout Edison are becoming connected homes with smart home technology throughout every aspect of the house from smart lighting in the kitchen to a home automation system controlling the 4K Theater in the basement. Elite Systems America's affordable and amazing products and services can be customized to your lifestyle needs. We can improve and maintain critical infrastructure in your home like Wifi so that every internet enabled device communicates effectively in your smart home. 

Whole Home Automation 

Elite Systems America's Home Automation Services lets you take control of all your televisions, audio systems, lighting, hvac and security technology into one unified and reliable system that your whole family can use. We design a simple and intuitive interface on a tablet or smart phone that every family member can understand and use everyday without any issues. The Automation Systems we deploy in homes are created to be robust and cost effective therefore making it affordable for most homeowners. Just imagine being able to control every aspect of your home from your finger tips and Elite Systems America can make it happen.

Real Cinematic Experience to Watch Your Favorite Movies

A great movie experience does not require a fancy home theater anymore. Elite Systems America can transform your current family room or living room into the best place to enjoy your favorite movies. We have organized a system of products and services that is able to provide the best sound and picture quality at the most budget friendly prices. You will be able to watch your favorite Michael Bay Movies & Bollywood Movies in 4K & Dolby Atmos, as if the actors are right in front of you. Call today to bring a cinematic experience to your living space.

Lights Controlled By Your Phone

Making regular bulbs smart is no longer a difficult task with Elite Systems America. We tackle smart lighting with robust technology that uses wifi to help you control your entire home lighting from your phone. It will work with your existing lighting fixtures, and it will always work even when if the wifi goes down. Call Elite Systems America about their lighting automation products that are smart, easy to use, and reliable for everyone.

Reliable Wi-Fi & Networking For Your Home

Having Wifi dead stops and slow ethernet connection is frustrating when you a large family that uses the internet every day. We consider the internet a utility. Therefore we believe your network should be working 100% of the time, like your home water and gas. Your internet service provider does not take into account your lifestyle and needs, but Elite System America does. We will make sure your wireless home network is reliable, fast, and secure throughout every part of your home. We will ensure all your devices work with an ultra high-speed internet connection and ensure it is up to date with the latest security patches, so your Edison New Jersey Smart Home is always secure.

Edison, NJ Neighborhood Smart Home Installer

Elite Systems America will transform your Edison home into a modern home with smart home products and solutions catered to your lifestyle. 

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