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Managed IT

Have your IT infrastructure managed and maintained with around the clock help desk and support services. By choosing one of our support packages we can help you with all your business technology needs with a suite of services that caters to your business goals. We will manage, maintain and support your current technology environment and facilitate incremental upgrades that will keep you up to date with the latest technology. Our support staff will keep you and your employees free from the hurdles of operating in a technology driven environment and keep you focused on your companies goals. Contact us for Support Packages for more information.

Structured Wiring

Keep all your cables and wiring organized with a structured wiring system. Have a single source location to maintain and repair cable systems throughout your commercial space. Provides a easy access for maintain crews to maintain and upgrade system with ease.

Solutions: Structured Wiring Panels, Ethernet/Telephone/Audio/Video Wiring  


Automate and manage your commercial space with control systems that simplify various technology components in your space. Whether you own a restaurant, convention center, club or any other commercial space, we automate Audio/visual systems, lightening, climate control and much more. The possibilities are endless with automatization control.


Solutions: RTI Control Systems, URC Control, Savant 

Audio/Video Distribution

Audio and video distribution is essential in any modern commercial space. We will integrate all sources of audio and video into a unified system for seamless playback and operation. We only offer the most robust products and equipment that will be able to stand the use of 24/7 usage and stress. Our commercial line of products seamlessly integrate to any commercial space and will provide a unique experience for your clients and customers.

Solutions: Video Wall Displays, Professional Sound Systems, Video/Audio Control Systems

Intergrated Enterprise Network

We consider a commercial network as a utility. It has become a important aspect of a commercial space as it essential for both employees and customers to use. We design, implement and maintain a enterprise level network that is robust, scalable and reliable to meet the demands of internet traffic and wired/wifi devices today. Our goal is to implement networks that are secure, fast and reliable.

Solutions: Cisco Networks, Ubiquiti Networks, Ruckus Wireless

Intergrated Security

Securing and monitoring your commercial is essential part of protecting your business and space. We offer integrated commercial surveillance systems, smart entry systems, and enterprise cyber/network security services to keep your business and customers safe. All components seamlessly communicate, monitor, prevent and report any intrusion or attempted intrusion for any aspect of your business and space. Contact us for our full security services. 


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